From the President: Welcome to Our Blog

The TongRen has been published by the Canadian Taijiquan Federation for decades.  Originally just a few pages, it grew to a much larger document, professionally published by our dedicated volunteers.  When electronic tools became available, we moved to internet publishing and released each issue to the membership online.

Recently, we encountered problems maintaining the publication schedule, leading us to explore other ways to communicate with our members.  With blogging becoming a wide-ranging outreach method, we investigated the necessary means to get established.  We have now launched the CTF bog, at

Fielded by Carol O’Connor, and edited by Alana MacQuarrie, the new TongRen will feature past articles as well as new submissions.  Anyone can send in an item for consideration.  Please direct your submission to Joh at  “Editions” will be published as material comes in, and as events prompt release of articles.

This site will work in tandem with the CTF main site, the hub of our membership.  Please visit for more information

This year marks the CTF’s thirtieth anniversary.  We will reflect on our present and future activities as we note our history in promoting and supporting Taijiquan in our communities.

Steve Holbert, President, Canadian Taijiquan Federation

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