Teacher Training

We host several events and modules each year to support our instructors with pedagogy, technique, business building, and care of their students.

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Apart from our annual events like the AGM and Chinese New Year celebrations, there are gatherings that bring people together to practice, socialize and learn together.  Most are in Southern Ontario, but they happen wherever our members are located.

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Playing Together

Pushing Hands is a way to understand your opponent's energy.  Ultimately a fighting application, push hands is also used to assess your own root and balance.

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Since 1993

The Meeting of Styles

The Canadian Taijiquan Federation welcomes all styles without prejudice to play, learn, and explore together to expand our knowledge and health.

Our Mission

The four key points of our mission are:

To encourage development in the practice of Taijiquan and preserve its characteristics as an expression of Chinese culture and philosophy.

To stimulate public awareness of and participation in Taijiquan.

To inclusively link practitioners of Taijiquan from various styles and traditions without prejudice – whether as individuals or gathered in groups, clubs and organizations across Canada – as they join the Federation family.

To network nationally and internationally with other Taijiquan practitioners, groups, clubs and organizations with the aim of broadening and strengthening the Canadian Taijiquan experience.


Next Steps...

Enjoy our blog, which is the collected knowledge base of our members and associates, from beginner to expert, professional level teachers.