Sifu Sam Masich Saber seminar

Our Approach

Our Vision

There is much to learn!  The members that participate in the Canadian Taijiquan Federation (CTF) practise many styles and forms.  These include: empty hand Yang, Chen and Wu styles; sword forms; two person sword; single and double fan forms; Irish Stick fighting; broad sword/saber forms; and a variety of Qi Gong forms.  We come together to learn and share with each other.

CTF Certification

We have set up a recognition system for our members so that they may be identified as having the qualifications needed to teach in the community.

The purpose of certification by the CTF is...

  • To recognize the teaching expertise of those of our members who already are qualified and experienced instructors.
  • To encourage and recognize the development of curricula and educational structures, and to promote teaching excellence.
  • To provide members of the CTF with an opportunity for self-advancement and leadership training.

Accordingly, our instructors' Code of Practice requires that they adhere to both our Constitution and best practices for this art.  The care and respect for our fellow Tai Chi players is of the utmost importance, especially for an instructor.

The practice of Tai Chi (Taijiquan) can be relaxing as well as demanding.  It's serious and it's great fun.  A class with no laughter is probably one you should run away from.

In these pictures, we see two great teachers.  Sam Masich is a world class teacher based in Berlin (but we are lucky enough to train with him a couple of times a year).  Steve Higgins teaches a wide curriculum and is based in Kitchener, ON.

Our Story