Call for Papers

Harvest Moon Festival 2020

The Canadian Taijiquan Federation is planning an autumn event to mark the Harvest Moon in October 2020.  This Symposium will be held on Zoom and in person if this is legally and sensibly permitted.  Current planned date October 3, 2020 – to be confirmed.

We invite practitioners, teachers, and contemplatives to submit a paper to the CTF by September 1, 2020. The program will be confirmed by September 15, 2020.

The papers are expected to address a question or a set of questions related to the practice, theory, and history of taijiquan or qigong. They should be based either on your own experience, or on relevant published information (books, articles, etc.), or on both.

President speaks on Succession Planning

A paper should be approximately between 2 and 4 pages long (please make sure that you are using single space and font 12pt) plus a few illustrations if necessary.  The references to relevant published sources should be made inside the text, using endnotes (author, title, publisher, and the year of publication for each source, plus page numbers in the case of quotations). Also, please attach your short biography.

The paper should be submitted in .doc or .pdf format to enable sharing with the selection committee.  Please submit by email to

The selected papers will be presented to attending Taiji enthusiasts and students.  Please allow about 15 minutes for the presentation, including time for some questions or discussion.

We hope that the authors will agree to publish the papers in the Tai Chi Tongren, the CTF blog, in other blogs, and in school newsletters.

Thank you.

Steven Holbert, President

Canadian Taijiquan Federation