Recognizing Tai Chi instructors’ knowledge, experience and ability is important to the CTF so that we can raise the caliber of Tai Chi practised in Canada.  Our members and instructors are dedicated to their craft for health and for martial understanding.

Instructor Code of Practice

Instructors certified by the CTF shall:

  1. Maintain a positive learning environment for the transmission of taijiquan.
  2. Try to be aware of threats to student safety, whether deriving from the environment or the students’ own practice, and shall endeavour to alleviate them.
  3. Endeavour to ascertain the students’ needs and goals and address them appropriately.
  4. Safeguard each student’s privacy with regard to specific disclosure of confidential information.
  5. Fully disclose to students fees, policies, codes of conduct and all administrative issues that affect student practice.
  6. Be respectful of the students’ sense of intimacy and personal space, and refrain from any action which might be perceived as improper in any way.
  7. Acquire professional liability insurance as necessary, where possible.
  8. Be a member in good standing for a minimum of one year prior to application, and remain so thereafter.

What is needed to be recognized at each level?

LEVEL 1: “Associate” Instructor

Someone who:
1  ….is actively engaged in teaching, on either an occasional or regular basis,
2 (a)  …. if teaching on a supervised basis, is recommended by their instructor,
2 (b)  ….if otherwise, is recommended by two CTF-certified Instructors from other clubs or organizations
3  ….has attended a certain number of educational seminars.

LEVEL 2: “Senior Associate” Instructor

Someone who:
1  ….has 10 years of practical teaching experience on a supervised or non-supervised basis,
2  ….is actively engaged in teaching,
3  ….who is recognized by peers as enjoying a high level of competence,
4  ….who may be supervising others,
5  ….who may have his or her own club with a reasonable number of students.

LEVEL 3:  “Senior” Instructor

Someone who:
1  ….has 15 years of unsupervised teaching experience,
2  ….is known for pedagogical competence and for sharing knowledge,
3  ….is acknowledged and recognized by others as having long served the Taiji community, and
4  ….has a reasonable number of students.

What do I need to apply?

Eligibility is based on the Certification Committee’s consideration of  the following documents:

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • letter of recommendation from one’s own instructor (a CTF recognized instructor) or two Taijiquan instructor peers
  • Proof of continuing education from any of the following categories; fitness, pedagogy, conference attendance (e.g. A Taste of China), CPR, relevant course work (e.g. Traditional Chinese Medicine, Qi Gong, Five element theory, etc.), self-study with written learning outcomes
  • application fee (in 2018 of $60 CDN)

Interested?  Taiji teachers who have been CTF members in good standing for at least one year are welcome to apply.  Please read the Guidelines above thoroughly and use them as your checklist.  Questions?  Contact the CTF Office Coordinator.  If you’re working towards a deadline, please allow yourself plenty of time, for gathering your own documentation and information including references, and allowing the same for this volunteer-driven committee, as we steal time away from our own training and classes.  We’re glad you’re considering this  process as part of your ongoing professional development as a teacher.  We salute you!

If you are interested in certification, please see our main CTF website for membership details.