There is increasing interest in a certification model for people who would like to teach Tai Chi in the community.  Here are some FAQs around certification.

Do I need to be certified to teach?

No.  However, many community centers and public buildings require some form of instructor validation, along with insurance in order to allow you to use their spaces.  Often you can't get insurance without some form of validation.

Do I need to be a member to be certified as a Tai Chi Instructor?

Yes, this helps us stay in touch with you and offer you continuing education.  You must be a member in good standing to be recognized.

Will you tell me what to teach?

Of course not!  We welcome all styles.  Once the committee is convinced you have the necessary credentials from your teachers, we officially recognize them.  You are bound by a code of practice, but the CTF does not interfere with your curriculum.

Is it one size fits all?

No. While Tai Chi traditions do not recognize levels, as Karate does, for instance, we do recognize a scale of teaching expertise and contribution to the Tai Chi community: Level 1 - Associate Instructor, Level 2 - Senior Associate Instructor, and Level 3 - Senior Instructor.  See our main CTF site for more information.

Any questions?

Email us!